PPP #12 Getting my Greens in Valle de Antón

Social Networks are awesome for travelling. By pure accident I met some fellow viajeros - two handsome women from Israel and Poland. After a quick chat and meetup we decided to spend our time in Valle de Antón - Anton Valley. From colleagues I already heard a lot about it's natural beauty.

Valle de Antón Mountainside

What has been recommended to all of us was La Cascada El Macho: It's the highest waterfall in the whole valley, measuring 70m in altitude. So on the first day we had a quick look at the map and went straight for it. The air was much cleaner than in Panama City. Breathing and walking were easier, the heat wasn't as bad. We passed beautiful paths with great views..

Valle de Antón Highway View

..and met new friends (who luckily already ate their lunch).

My new friend Snek

After walking some distance and slowly running out of water we started to wonder where the waterfall was. It's a tourist attraction after all. So why were we standing in the middle of nowhere? Well, it turns out that when navigating a map it's always useful to know where north is. But what we lack in orientation we make up with social skills! We managed to convince some very friendly locals to give us a ride back to the city.

Inside the Ride!

And not only that. In the small conversation we apparently came across as so pleasant that they took us right to the waterfall! It was a refreshing relief from the anonymity we were used to in the big city.

Finally we managed!

The next day, after having a good sleep, we explored the valley a little more and eventually stopped by the hot springs to take a deserved time off before taking the bus back. Photos of myself with mud in my face are better kept secret. So have a nice plant picture instead!

Neutral plants - no mudface here!

It was a super fun weekend and I'm happy to have met you guys! Safe travels!

Everyone try to look happy now!