PPP #03 New Lands

So today I moved out of Brigitte's house into the new apartment. Before coming here I had the choice between a single apartment with my own fridge and bathroom or a flat-share with ten other people with a shared bathroom and a community kitchen. I decided for the latter, because I hoped to make some new friends, improve my Spanish and spend some good times with my flatmates. Now that I'm here I have to say that the people seem to be pretty reserved. All doors are closed and no one is in the hallway or kitchen.

Now I'm just sitting around here and I feel kinda useless. Work hasn't started yet and there's few things to do. I wanted to check out the nearby mall and buy some groceries - the most basic stuff like bread, water, shampoo. However it started raining heavily and there's no way I can get there now. So back to the books it is. Hopefully the research project at the UTP will be interesting and connected to some other people from the department. That way I'll be a little more flexible when it comes to planning trips with other people or just going out in the nights.

The whole process of moving was exhausting and the lack of energy probably affects my mood a little. The apartment is pretty dirty. Ten people share a single fridge and five people one bathroom. The architecture is extremely nice. There is a nice terrace and a siesta room with a hammock. Part of the flat has a dark wooden floor that gives it a country-style look. A pretty big bummer is the bathroom. The "shower" is a pipe coming out of the wall. No shower head. If you turn the valve, cold water comes dribbling out. Warm water and adequate water pressure are a luxury you don't seem to get for a rent of $300 per month.

Dat shower

This is certainly going to be an interesting experience. Maybe even healthy. Regular cold showers apparently strengthen your immune system and raise productivity. Time will show. At least the place is close to the uni.